Sick and tired of the pain of airing down or airing back up?
 Pressure Perfect is the perfect solution.  Set the pressure you want to air down / air up to, connect the hose and press the button.
 The Pressure Perfect system does the rest.  This is the quickest and easiest way to air down and air up accurately and quickly, so you know that you are running the right pressure for the tracks you are doing.Pressure perfect works just like the air system at the servo, it is a module that works with your compressor to inflate and also deflate your tyres to the exact PSI as required.It is as easy as setting your PSI working away and waiting for the module to beep when it has hit the target PSI.


It has a number of features and benefits in the system to allow you to do the following:
Recalibrate on the run, to allow the correct tyre pressure even in when humidity, temperature and altitude can affect pressures.Auto Starts: 
Once you have set your first tyre, you can just go to the next tyre to start the sequence to inflate or deflate the next tyre.Also the option to switch between PSI, kPa and bar.   
One of the coolest features is that you can inflate and deflate two or even four tyres at once!  (4 tyres requires the 150 LPM Compressor)

This is our story


In 2015, two guys from Melbourne recognised there was a better way to inflate and deflate tyres on 4 x 4 vehicles when coming on and off the sand.

From a simple sketch on the whiteboard this innovative concept was developed, it is with great pleasure we present – Pressure Perfect by Rugged Group.

Pressure Perfect has been developed for the off road market, allowing the operator to stay out of the hot environment of the desserts in Australia or the coastal environment of the Victorian High Country, whilst inflating and deflating the tyres, accurate to within 0.5 of the set PSI.

The operation is simple, set the desired PSI on the screen and watch while the module automatically inflates or deflates to the set pressure, when finished the unit will beep…it is Pressure Perfect.

Not only is Pressure Prefect suitable for 4 x 4 driving but also for Motor Racing, where tyre pressure can be crucial for the success of a race. Pressure Perfect is available in a robust but small plastic storage container or mounted in your vehicles engine bay. Pressure Perfect is versatile and will fit to your requirements.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, Pressure Prefect is your perfect partner for exact pressure on and off the road.